We believe that God alone has the prerogative to determine how He is to be worshiped, and that He has done so in the Scriptures. We are not to worship God according to our own inventions, but must take direction for our worship from the Scriptures. Our entire service aims to be centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a solid, biblical and theologically rich worship service that balances accessibility for the young and the unchurched with depth and precision for the more mature saints among us.

biblical, simple, contemporary

While our worship is biblical and solidly reformed, it is simple and contemporary in feel.

Music: Our worship is contemporary in feel, and led with a variety of instruments. We aim to select meaningful and biblically faithful songs.

Sermon: The sermon is solidly expository, meaning we proceed straight through the particular biblical book we are covering. The Bible is our authority, and we look to explain and apply it faithfully each Lord’s Day. We are sensitive to the redemptive-historical context of the passage and to the contemporary significance it has.

Infants and Toddlers: We have a nursery available, too. But the little noises of infants are, to us, the music of God’s covenant. He has blessed those children with homes where He is loved and worshiped. And He has blessed our fellowship with their presence. We are a very relaxed fellowship. So unless your child is preventing others from hearing God’s word, don’t be embarrassed by their little coos. They won’t bother me at all. But if you want to free yourself up to hear the sermon, or if you feel they are a disturbance, feel free to use our nursery.  We have processed background checks on all our nursery and Children’s church volunteers.

Children: We have an optional children’s church for children between 3 years old and 5th grade.  Children are with their parents during the music.  Ordinarily they stay for the scripture reading and a brief children’s message.  Then, children are permitted to go for some age-appropriate  instruction and worship while their parents hear the sermon. We have many young kids, so this generally helps the parents focus on the sermon better. But if your children are reasonably well-behaved, please do not feel compelled to dismiss them with the others. We have processed background checks on all our nursery and Children’s church volunteers.

Fellowship:  Between the worship service and Sunday School, we have refreshments available (coffee, juice and some sort of snack).

Sunday School: Our Sunday School program is carefully structured to give our children a solid grasp of the scope and sequence of God’s redemptive works as revealed in the scriptures. We are excited to use this curriculum, which helps us accomplish that goal.  A child who regularly attends our Sunday School program will be exposed to the entire Bible, not just the famous stories. He or she will learn how it all hangs together and tells the great story of redemption, and he or she will also learn a significant amount of solid theology along the way.  Our adult Sunday School generally consists of methodically working through a book of the Bible together and discussing it. We’d love to have you join us.