'Hypocrisy' Tagged Posts

'Hypocrisy' Tagged Posts

All In: Being Unleavened

Leaven Luke 12:1-12.  You might think of leaven as leftovers.  It’s not like the leftovers you put in your refrigerator after a meal.  It’s not leftovers like a doggie bag.  It’s uncooked leftovers.  It’s leftover dough that is used to kickstart the next batch of dough.  It’s used to make the dough rise.  But that’s not what usually makes it a great biblical image.  That’s part of it, but the real heart of the imagery goes back to Exodus 12,…


Churchianity I didn’t coin the term “churchianity”. It was in use by the end of the 18th century. And the phenomenon is far more ancient. We see it already in Isaiah 29:13-14. And our Savior created the opportunity to address it when he accepted an invitation to dine with a Pharisee.  The story is found in Luke 11:37-54. Pretending you are Pure The Pharisee was shocked that Jesus didn’t ritually wash before he ate. The Pharisees were terribly concerned that…

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