When the Storm Comes

When the Storm Comes

Lead Into Storms by the Lord of the Storm

Jesus was not oblivious to the storm.  He intentionally led his disciples into it.  Why would he do this?

Often, it’s only in the midst of our darkest times of anxiety and fear that we can learn to trust God’s covenant faithfulness and loving care.  He tries us in order for us to reflect on that anxiety and fear, when the storm has passed, and he asks, “Where was your faith?”

But he also demonstrates his Lordship over the storms we face.  Our Redeemer and Lord is all powerful.  He can calm any storm in your life, just as he can bring the storm upon us to train us and to disciple us.  Ultimately, he has calmed the greatest storm of all already when he took our sins upon himself, and gave us his righteousness.  We are no longer at enmity with God.  No storm you face compares to the storm he already calmed.

Responding to the Storm

By sleeping, Jesus demonstrated how we are to respond to times of stress and anxiety.  We are to trust God.  God is not caught unawares by our struggles.  Nor is he indifferent to them.  If we are fearful, God would have us call out to him with bold honesty.  Over time, we will learn that he loves us and that he’s in control, and we’ll become ‘salty dogs’ of the faith.  We will, ourselves, be able to rest in Him fully.  In Acts, Peter demonstrated that we can get there, as he slept soundly on the night before he expected to be executed.  That sort of confidence only comes through testing.  This testing is a learning experience.

Where is Your Faith?

So those challenging words of Jesus, “Where is your faith?”, are meant to have you look, not only back, at your anxiety and fear, but to look at your God’s mighty saving hand and consider your present and your future … Where will your faith be?

Are you struggling with anxiety, fear, depression, stress?  Reflect upon the gospel, the power and love of your God, and ask yourself:

Where was your faith?

Where is your faith?

Where will your faith be?


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