Any healthy church will be intensely interested in fulfilling the mission of the church to make disciples throughout the world. Here is how our interest is expressed in action.

denominational missions

As congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, we support the denomination’s mission program.  The OPC’s missionary philosophy is a good one.  When missionaries are called, they are fully supported.  Furloughs are spent encouraging the church, rather than frantically trying to keep enough funds coming in to return to the field.  The OPC’s policy is not to have missionaries serve alone, but to have them work in teams.  While that is not always possible, it is an actively pursued goal.

OPC missionaries are fond of saying that they are working hard to work themselves out of a job. What they mean by that is that the OPC does not desire to plant OPC churches all over the world. Rather, we desire to bring theologically equipped men to places where Christ is not known and plant biblicaly faithful indigenous churches, churches with which we might enjoy the closest ecclesiastical fellowship.

Solid biblical teaching, full support, team works and indigenous church planting is what sets OPC foreign works apart. So, while we don’t have missionaries in every country (yet), we strive to have effective works — works that establish gospel-centered churches with indigenous leadership and oversight.

OPC Foreign Missions:

other living hope mission support

Additionally, Living Hope has identified some extra-denominational projects. One of these, for instance, is a PCA (Mission to the World) missionary, who is actually ordained in the OPC.  This is, to us, a beautiful reminder of the unity of Christ’s church and our one common goal of extending His kingdom.  Another of our projects is too sensitive to describe, but we believe it to be very strategic in reaching a difficult people group.  We are excited about missions, and wish we could tell you more.  But the internet is not the place to do so.  Come check us out and catch our vision for the spread of the gospel around the world for the glory of our God and savior, Jesus Christ.

To download Living Hope’s mission policy, click here.

For more extensive information about the philosophy of OPC missions, click here.

Short Term Missions

Boardwalk Chapel

Each summer, we send a team to serve at the Boardwalk Chapel. The chapel itself sits on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. Our team serves as a relief for the regular chapel staff. We prepare skits and songs that convey the gospel, and each evening these surround two miniature preaching segments. After the program each night, we take turns, either going out to share the gospel, or staying back to pray for those who do. The days are a mix of practicing for the program, getting trained in evangelism and apologetics, and even some just plain group fun at the beach. This trip has something for everyone. Everyone is challenged with top-notch devotions, apologetics and evangelism training. And everyone has an opportunity to hurdle their fears and use their gifts. Ask those who have gone. They will tell you. This trip is for those teens entering into high school and through college.