Keeping the Fire when the Missions Trip is Over

Keeping the Fire when the Missions Trip is Over

Holding on to What You’ve Gained

Coming off of such a great trip (the Boardwalk Chapel), it’s easy (though sad) to lose the gains you’ve made when you get home. Don’t do it. Hold on to them with all your might.

  • Wake up with joy in your hearts, however early it feels. Unless Stacy and Lydia have Dan’s great “Good Morning” song from the Kibbomers, girls, you may not know what I’m talking about. But there’s something glorious about seizing the joy of life in Christ early in the morning. Smiling and laughing together, however groggy you might feel.
  • Take up the scriptures with breakfast. Man does not live on bread alone. Read your Bible. Read it closely. Pay attention to every detail. Write down things you don’t understand and ask mom or dad or an elder or your pastor. Take note of the things you do understand and pray about them.
  • Be grateful for every blessing, however small.
  • Share the faith. Don’t just take opportunities that present themselves; make them. If one thing became clear during the trip, it is how few people know what the Bible really teaches about Jesus. Share with them the finished work of Christ. Bear witness to the grace he has shown you. And invite them to know the truth that sets you free.
  • End your days with prayer. Again, I’m not sure how the girls did it, but Dan would gather the guys for an extended time of prayer before bed. Keep that up. Lead your family in evening prayers, if it’s not already a habit of your home.

Don’t lose the gains you’ve made. And don’t wait ‘til next year to pick up where you left off. Imagine what next year will mean if you keep growing between now and then!


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