Living Bolder

Living Bolder

Living Bolder is a Christian fellowship for college students, singles, and young married couples that meets and the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Kevin and Meredith Flora host the group at their house.

We build friendships around biblical discussion. The group is currently working their way through the Old Testament videos from R. C. Sproul’s series “Dust to Glory”. Dr. Sproul takes the major themes and books of the Old Testament and puts them into context within the whole of God’s redemptive story.

This past year we also included some fun activity nights including: a pizza party, cookout, pool party, fire pit and s’mores night, potluck, several game nights, and our annual Christmas party.

We know life can be busy. But real, meaningful friendships can be hard to build. Invest in friends who will walk alongside you with joy, faith, hope and love.

Contact Kevin or Meredith for more information