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The Boardwalk Chapel

Boardwalk Evangelism Thousands file past the last wooden structure on the boardwalk in the Wildwoods. For 69 years, God has placed a witness there. And we were a part of that this past week. As people head toward the neon lights, they are beckoned by what’s going on in that one place on the boardwalk that is like no other. Skits are being rehearsed, songs sung, kids mill about. Just inside the doorway is a free game — answer a…

Send Me 2013

Send Me 2013 We don’t know what future “Send Me” programs will look like. But this year’s program will feature the children of Living Hope singing songs, acting and reciting scripture in a rousing call to fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is for Living Hope to be a mission-minded church. But mission-mindedness can take a variety of forms. We definitely want to support missionaries and pray for missionaries. And we are already doing this.…

Gap in the Series

UPDATE: I’ve discovered that we lost far more than I initially knew.  Over time, I will try to rewrite entries from Luke 1-9 UPDATE: I’ve rewritten the missing entries and posted the sermons I could. One sermon (10/7) was completely lost.  After the Denial of Service attack last month, and a disastrous crash a few days ago, we decided that godaddy.com would no longer meet our needs.  We switched to inmotionhosting.com, and have been very pleased by the dramatic increase…

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